Emergency Electrician London

Nikola Electric is a fully registered electrical services company in London. We respond to electrical emergencies 24/7.

    We offer The following Emergency Electrical services:

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    Fuse box and consumer units troubleshooting

    Did your fuse box or consumer unit develop a fault all of a sudden? It may be that these components are old and faulty, and you need to replace them with a new and modern one.

    You can always get in touch with us and we will send a London electrician to investigate the electrical fault and suggest the best solution for the consumer unit or fuse box.

    Lights and Dimmer Switches Repairs and Installation

    Are your lights flickering or are your dimmer switches not working as they should? These are signs that you need to change them, or at least get a professional for an inspection. 

    Although changing lights may look very easy, it can be complicated and, as such, requires the service of qualified electricians to do good electrical work. 

    Our electrician in London will come with all that is needed to deliver an excellent job. For instance, dimmer switches have a lot of wires that should be reconnected only by a fully qualified professional for safety reasons. 

    Our certified electricians will assist you with the repair, installation, and replacement of your light fittings.

    House Rewire

    If your house is up to 25 years old, it may be in danger. The effect of old and worn-out wiring may be devastating. If you are planning to renovate the building, it is important to check if there is a need for a partial or full rewire. 

    If you suddenly need the services of an electrician in London to rewire your domestic and commercial properties, contact us today and we will send our dedicated team of UK electricians to visit your property and examine what needs to be done.

    Electrical fault Finding

    Our UK electricians are skilled in electrical installations and fault finding. No matter the complexity, we will assist you in getting to the root cause of any problem.

    It doesn’t matter how long the problem has persisted, our electrician in London will sort out the issue.

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    Electrical problems can develop at any time of day, and this may put you and your property in danger. Whenever there is an electrical emergency, it is important to get a qualified electrician in London to assess the problem and provide a solution.

    We have emergency electricians in London that are fully dedicated to responding to all your emergency calls. 

    Our emergency electricians in London will respond to your call immediately, visit your property for proper fault-finding, and provide a great service that will ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

    We also offer electrical testing and inspections, electrical installations and PAT testing.

    Our approach

    When do I need an emergency electrician

    There are many reasons why you might need to call an emergency electrician in London. It may be for a rewiring of your home, the installation of a new lighting system, or the installation of a new smart system. However, the majority of people who require the services of a UK electrician do so for electrical faults that have to do with safety.

    Therefore, while the power supply in London is capable of handling the voltage of most devices, if you are experiencing a frequent power cut, it is necessary to contact an electrician to take a look at it. Other situations that require the immediate attention of an emergency UK electrician are:

    Electric Shocks

    Electric circuits are designed to protect you from shocks. However, if you notice any shock while using any electrical system in your home, it means that something is wrong with your installation and you need a domestic installer.

    An electric shock, no matter how insignificant, is a sign of an electrical defect, and you need to contact a UK electrician to fix it.

    Water Damage

    If you have any issues with flooding, pipe bursts, or even leaks, especially with a storage heater, you need to call a London electrician to look at your electrical system. 

    Water penetration is very dangerous to your electrical systems, not just for the obvious risk of shocks but because water can cause corrosion of your electrical components, which can lead to a more complex problem in the near future.

    Why do people choose Nikola Electric

    Excellent professional service

    Our passion is delivering great service to our customers.

    Our priority is to ensure we have satisfied customers. We have a dedicated support team with good communication skills.

    We respond to all your inquiries right from the time you make your first contact with us down till the end of the project.

    Competitive price

    We offer very competitive electrician rates for all jobs by our electricians.

    Our charges are budget-friendly and there are no hidden costs.

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    We Service Multiple Service Areas

    We have our certified electricians in different parts of London, from the West to Central London and from North London to South London.

    We have electricians available in Bromley, Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Ealing, Fulham, Islington and Westminster

    Certified Local Electricians

    All our electricians in London are fully qualified and NAPIT approved contractors.

    We possess the skills, the equipment, and the experience to deliver on any domestic and commercial electrical work.

    Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

    An EICR is a report that shows the current state of the electrical installation in a building. The report is a product of an assessment carried out by a fully qualified and NICEIC qualified electrician. 

    The assessment is expected to be carried out regularly following the British Standard (BS7671). At the end of the assessment, the electrician issues electrical safety certificates indicating that the building meets the minimum safety standard. If the building fails to meet the minimum safety standard, the report indicates what can be done to make the building compliant.

    As good account handlers, we equally assist our clients in carrying out this assessment. By adhering to the regulatory standard, we deploy our professional expertise in carrying out thorough testing of all the electrical components and subsequently producing a report that reflects the true state of the building.

    Portable appliance testing

    Portable Appliance Testing is done to ascertain that electrical components and equipment are safe to use. While some equipment can be examined visually, some need to be tested. 

    We can help you with this PAT testing and generate a report showing the true state of your electrical installations.

    Domestic service

    Our team of qualified domestic installers provides electrical services in London in accordance with the British standard. 

    Our London electricians will ensure minimal disruption during the course of our electrical works and will tidy up the place after work. We understand how important your home is to you, so we will take extra care to ensure that we deliver at the highest quality and at a good price that will make you always look for us to do the next job.

    Commercial Service

    Our team of experienced electrical contractors can work in your offices, warehouses, and other commercial centers. We understand the difficulty in passing all the building regulations, so our team of electricians will assist you through this process.

      Contact Details

      You can trust us at Nikola Electric to deliver our amazing service in your hour of need. Our fully trade accredited electricians are highly experienced with different types of electrical systems. 

      Our electricians are competent, reliable, and efficient. Should you require an emergency electrician in any part of London, get in touch with us today by reaching out through the contact details listed: – 02 080 587 913,, 102 Cityview Point. 139 Leven Road. E14 0LL London.

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