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    What is included in the Electrical installation condition report?

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    Types of Electrical Certification

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    Electrical Installation Certificates

    An electrical installation certificate also known as an EIC is issued by a registered electrician to show that an electrical installation is safe to be used at a particular time and date specified in the electrical certificate.

    An electrical certificate is required by local authorities for all kinds of installations including new electrical circuits, consumer units replacements, new sockets and light fittings installations in special locations pools or bathrooms.

    Electrical installation condition report

    The electrical installation condition report has now replaced the formerly known periodic inspection testing. This is essential for a periodic safety inspection and testing of your electrical wiring.

    The purpose of EICR certificates is to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building. This electrical testing is necessary because so many electrical faults are invisible to an untrained eye and so you need periodic electrical inspections by a qualified person to detect potentially dangerous components and installations.

    While it is recommended that occupants of a building remain observant for signs such as burning smells, electrical shocks and others, an electrical test protect against defective electrical work and other things that may not be too obvious.

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    Minor electrical works installation certificates

    This type of electrical certificate is very similar to the electrical installation certificate but they are issued for minor electrical installations such as the replacement of a socket or light fittings.

    These safety certificates certify that work has been done in accordance with the electrical safety standards and that all the wiring has been tested and confirmed to meet the standards specified in the wiring regulations (BS 7671).

    In a situation where this electrical certificate is required, the issuer must issue an original certificate to the individual or business that needs it.

    Part P Notifications

    Part P are regulations that guide the installation and modification of an electrical system in a domestic property. Part P notification refers to an electrical work that the building control agency needs to be informed that some work has taken place.

    There are some electrical works that do not require official notifications. 

    Notifiable work includes new installation, installation of a new circuit, replacement of fuse box and rewiring of a building.

    As a property owner, it is your duty to prove that your electrical installations meet the Part P standards and the local authorities are empowered by law to force you to either remove or alter any installation that does not meet the standard.

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    Consult Nikola Electric for your Electrical installation certificate

    Our goal is to ensure that your property is safe and meet the guidance specifies by the authorities. Our electrician certification in UK services covers a wide range of areas including electrical safety certificates, fire alarm reports and emergency light testing.

    When we are done with the electrical inspection and testing of your property, we will issue you an electrical safety certificate known as ElCR Report. This will inform you of whether or not your property passed or failed the inspection. We will also provide recommendations on areas that requires improvement.

    Our electrical safety certificate also includes a full price for any remedial work that may be required and on completion of the remedial works, our electricians will issue you an updated electrical safety certificate after the remedials are done.

    Aside from electrical testing and certificates, we also offer other electrical services including PAT testing and emergency electrical services.

    Who should carry out an electrician certification in UK?

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    An electrical certification in UK, should be carried out by registered electricians. They will evaluate your installation against UK standards for electrical installations (BS 7671).

    Most housing agencies, government agencies and estate agents will only accept electrical safety certificates that are issued and signed by fully qualified and registered electricians.

    All our electricians are fully qualified and registered with the relevant agency including NAPIT, NICEIC and ELECSA.

    How often do I need to conduct electrical testing?

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    Commercial Properties

    This depends on the type of property and the usage. However, you are expected to carry out testing often.

    domestic property

    Residential properties

    Homeowners are expected to carry out electrician certification in UK at least once every ten years, before selling the property or whenever a problem is suspected.

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    Rented Properties

    Private landlords are required to obtain an electrician certification in UK every five years, at the change of tenancy or whenever a problem is suspected.