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At Nikola Electric Ltd., we are passionate about our work. We offer a great service to all of our customers in London and across the UK. No matter what you need, we can help! Give us a call today if your air conditioning unit is not working properly or if you want to make sure that it is as energy-efficient as possible.


Our fully qualified air conditioning installation engineers will come out on-site and carry out an inspection at no cost to you. They will then provide you with their recommendations for how best to proceed, which may include carrying out repairs or recommending upgrades if necessary. While most people think that installation is all we do, it’s actually just one part of the services that we offer here at Nikola Electric Ltd. Whether your air conditioning system isn’t working properly or needs servicing so that it runs more efficiently, call our air conditioning service london department today on 02 080 587 913 for expert advice today!

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We are the best in London for air conditioning services:

Reduce operating costs by reducing the energy consumed.

It keeps you cool.

Reduce the risk of health problems by keeping the air temperature at a comfortable level.

It protects your home, office, car, and other belongings from the harmful effects of heat.

Keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What is a split air conditioning system?

Heat Pump

The split system air conditioner uses a heat pump to transfer heat from one place to another.

Eliminated Humidity

It eliminates humidity by cooling the air.

New Technology

A split-system air conditioner is a new technology that can save energy and money.

Efficient Systems

A split-system air conditioner uses two separate cooling systems. One is a refrigeration unit that cools the indoor air, and the other is an evaporative cooling unit to provide outdoor humidity control.

Centray Systems

Split-system air conditioning is a type of central heating and cooling system that has two separate systems running at different temperatures.

Cooling Media

Split-system air conditioning is a type of air conditioning that uses two different types of cooling media.

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Nikola Electric Ltd. is a well-established air conditioning installation company in London and across the UK. We have been providing quality air conditioning service since we opened our doors, and we are proud of the work that we do. 

Our staff is fully qualified to carry out all types of air con maintenance london and repairs, including new installations or upgrades. We aim to provide you with excellent customer service every time you call us, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Air conditioning systems tend to be quite complicated. There are a number of different components that work together to keep the temperature of your home at an ideal level, but sometimes these parts can fail without warning. If you’re not sure if your air con unit is working properly, or if it’s broken and needs fixing, Call Nikola Electric Ltd, the proud air conditioning company London.

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Types of air conditioning systems:

Air conditioning refrigeration ventilation – HVAC systems, like many other equipment and machinery, are sometimes classified into categories based on their applicability to various users, such as residential, domestic, commercial, office, and industrial. These classifications mainly represent the size, capabilities, and resilience of the machine, rather than how the air conditioner operates. The table below provides a general approximation of the average capacity ranges for these generic categories.

Residential Air Conditioning Installation London:

In the UK, the usage of installed air conditioning units in houses and apartments has become increasingly widespread. People are realising the advantages of sleeping better during the summer and enjoying a pleasant environment throughout the day. Air conditioning specialists at Nikola Electric Ltd. are here to create an environment that is right for your home and its occupants.

 Our air conditioning systems work using high-performance equipment that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics or function while ensuring that each area of your home is comfortable and energy-efficient. With all of these perks, Nikola Electric LTD is with you 24/7 to answer your emergency call-outs anytime.

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For the best possible comfort and convenience, count on our install air conditioning london services. Let our air conditioning london customers witness genuine service & customer care!


While purifying the air, our ventilation design is made to keep the surroundings cool. We fulfill your aircon needs with very little earth and a silent ambiance. We also make sure that the installation of household air conditioners won't interfere with your daily activities or routine.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Services In London:

The air conditioning specialists team at Nikola Electric LTD is ready to help you select the right system that works best for your business.

Specialists Team

Commercial air conditioning installation is a tricky job, with many options and choices to consider. The air conditioning specialists team at Nikola Electric LTD is ready to help you select the right system that works best for your business.

Workplace Systems

Based on the kind and scale of your business building, there are several choices accessible. The most typical HVAC systems used in workplaces are high-level wall-mounted air conditioners.5

Efficient Systems

 All of such systems are aesthetically pleasing, practically quiet, and energy-efficient. As they operate on a split system, your staff and guests do not notice the external drainage.

Consistent Climate

A single unit might be used to cool a small gathering of people, and additional units could be put to maintain a consistent climate across whole workplaces or sizable retail locations.

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High Capacity Systems

Additionally, if you’re looking for high-capacity floor stands or cylinder stands, cooling and heating systems that use VRF or VRV technology, or a more discreet solution that uses a special interlock system, our air conditioning service team can help design the right air conditioning solutions for your business. Give us a call today!

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Your air-con systems should be regularly serviced and maintained under air conditioning contractors since they run continually. To guarantee that your tenants have access to fresh air, all air conditioning plants containing fluorinated gases undergo leak testing every six months. We clean all of your ac plants’ coils, and filters, and do leak testing as part of our service agreements.

Whether you need a domestic air conditioning system or commercial air conditioning installations, we’ve got you covered. Any size task may be quoted by us. Installations, repairs, emergency call-outs, maintenance – we help you create a better environment and reduce the common obstacles property owners face while installing air-con units in London.

Whether you need consultation advice or repair service, Nikola Electric is an established air conditioning maintenance service in London to ensure you get accurate quotes at the comfort of your home. Speak now to local air conditioning companies london in your area and get a no-obligation air conditioning quote within 24 hours, for absolutely No call fee.

We take pride in being the only air conditioning installer in London to provide a 5 years warranty on every installation.  We are famous for both our top-notch air con engineers and our courteous, expert customer support team.

Nikola Electric offers complete air conditioning solutions which comply with high standards of leading F-gas certifications under REFCOM. Our experienced air conditioning installation engineers and air conditioning refrigeration engineers maintain equipment and repair air-conditioners up to quality standards to ensure utmost safety and a healthy environment. We take the appropriate procedures to fix the leaks if found. For large enterprise systems, our emergency air conditioning staff keeps testing the system on a regular basis and updates the records with information about routine checks.

Installation of air conditioning or split-system heating unit for residential usage costs from £750 with 0% VAT! We provide installation in any structure and on any floor and the usual cost is determined by:

  • first- or second-floor installations
  • mounting on a wall outdoors
  • connection to a 13 amp plug socket or spur already in place
    Before collecting payment for the service, we will talk with you about the installation and your needs. Our expertise has made it possible to get you maximum air conditioning range all across the communal atmosphere.


Nikola Electric LTD. is licensed under REFCOM to handle fluorinated greenhouse gases and keep you safe. We install and repair the following air con unit in accordance with safety standards. 

  • F-Gas-containing stationary refrigeration systems
  • F-Gas-powered stationary air conditioning and heat pump systems
  • Stationary fire prevention systems containing F-Gas require repair, installation, decommissioning, and maintenance.

Our air con engineers are qualified to handle F-Gas. Get in touch with our air con service london customer support team and keep yourself cool from the summer temperatures in London.